In case you don’t have social media and/or friends screaming, “Feel the Bern!” at you whenever politics comes up, presidential hopeful of the Democratic Party, Sen. Bernie Sanders, was interrupted by a small bird in March during a campaign rally in Portland, Oregon.

Many Bernie supporters took the omen as a sign that the Earth itself was calling for Bernie Sanders to become president. Bernie might as well have rode up to the podium on a bear pulled by dolphins with a bald eagle holding him up while he sang “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.”

What many don’t know is that Bernie Sanders wasn’t the only presidential candidate to be visited by birds last month.


Donald Trump was visited by a bird at one of his own campaign rallies. The Donald then threatened to sue the bird after it defecated on his shoulder during a fly-by.


Hillary Clinton was also visited by one of the aerial persuasion. Sadly, the bird has yet to be found.


Ted Cruz has already stated that he is the only ” wacko bird” allowed on the stage at his campaign rallies. When he was visited by a real bird, he promptly shot it, claiming self-defense as any good Texan born in Canada with Cuban heritage would.


Republican presidential candidate John Kasich took a more moderate approach to his Aves visitor, as he has in much of his campaign. He sold it to the highest bidder in the crowd.

By Patrick AE

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