The Inept Owl is an independent news satire website. We have no political or social leanings or agendas as a group except one: to make all of you, our readers, laugh. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. Hopefully, more of the former. Any news articles published on this site are fiction, and the events and quotes in these articles should be in no way interpreted as fact. Reviews and editorials are all opinion-based, and do not reflect the views of the site or all involved in the site’s publication.

   This section is a compilation of questions we are asked. Feel free to ask more by contacting [email protected].

     Are you for real?

     Well, if you’re asking if we’re a legitimate comedy news site, then the answer is, “Yes, we are for real.” But I wouldn’t take any of our articles into school for the “Current Events” segment of Social Studies.


     How often do you update?

       Major updates happen once a week. Minor additions happen every day. Check the front page for the newest articles, or just click around to find some diamonds in the rough.

       How can I be notified about updates on the site without going to it 10 times a day?

       As much as we would love it for you to check on us 10 times a day, we know that sometimes that isn’t possible. That is why we have a handy registration option on the home page. When you sign-up, you will be updated weekly about what’s new! We also have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account to help keep you entertained.

     Will you sell or give my information to third parties if I register?

     Only if you ask reeeeally nicely.

       How can I submit material for The Inept Owl?

       You can submit your material by email through our contact section. It will be reviewed by our editors. If we will publish your work, we will contact you with an edited version of submission for your approval. You will retain the rights to your article, however we reserve the right to use it on our site as we deem fit.

       What is my compensation for working with The Inept Owl?

       As of now we can only offer a platform for you to entertain others since we are severely budgeted, however we send out a nifty staff T-shirt to all of our regular columnists.

     Some articles seem to have disappeared. What’s up with that?

     To make the viewing experience of this site as easy and pleasurable as possible, we cannot keep all articles up on the front page. Feel free to browse through the sections above. They are organized by date, from latest to oldest. Kind of like my record collection.

     How can I get you to review my music/movie/random invention?

     If you have created something that you would like our opinion on, please email [email protected] to see if your material is submittable. Be warned, our reviews take a comedic spin, so don’t expect a fully serious review.