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Welcome back, football fans, to our quasi-professional football picks! Each week we will pick game winners based on Vegas over/under lines, and add some sharp commentary to the games. This year, readers can get in on the action for a change to win prizes, trophies, and the chance to show up so-called sports analysts once and for all! Just email [email protected] with “Powder Puff Picks” in the header and your picks for the week.

Last year’s Powder Puff King was Steve Elle. Let’s see if he can defend his crown!


Sunday, February 2nd, 2012


New York Giants VS New England Patriots

LINE: Patriots by 3






Rob Wheatley: 134-120

Darby Shaw: 127-127

Steve Elle: 122-132

Evil Peyton Manning: 122-132




T.O. : 140-114

Obi-Wallace: 134-120

AmyC: 130-124

Beta Boy: 128-126

JMcG: 124-130

Corrupted Clown: 124-130

RickyB: 122-132

Giants Chick: 113-141

Mike Marbles Francesa: 113-141

Angelicus Rex: 111-143

La Princessa: 13-241

JohnnyO: 9-245


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