Harrisburg, PA— In an effort to quell rumors about his questionable taste in film and literature, newfound archery enthusiast Charles Reynolds held a press conference today to proclaim that he is not a fan of The Hunger Games, neither in book or movie formats.

The press conference came after Reynolds, a 65 year-old native of Pennsylvania, was constantly badgered by references to The Hunger Games whenever he posted a photo or update on social media regarding archer. Reynolds was also teased by friends and relatives that he was the spitting image of Katniss Everdeen, the main protagonist of The Hunger Games.

After researching “who the hell Cat Niss” was, Charles Reynolds held the conference to set the record straight on his knowledge of the series.

“Let me be clear. Before I even knew what a Hunger Game was, I picked up the hobby of shooting a recurve bow. And I enjoyed it,” stated Reynolds. “It had nothing to do with pretending to be a little girl running around the wild trying to survive or trying to take down Donald Sutherland. It had to do with the peace and harmony I felt shooting a bow, not taking on a futuristic government’s plan of population control.”

When a reporter asked if Reynolds would be attending opening night of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Reynolds let loos a flurry of cussing before abruptly leaving his podium.

By Patrick AE

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