J.B. Forbes/MCT/Zuma
J.B. Forbes/MCT/Zuma

Ferguson, MO— Today, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar stood before reporters to announce his solidarity with the cause of police officers to defend themselves against the ever-increasing threat of unarmed black teenagers.

The announcement comes in the wake of a recent assault by 18-year-old Michael Brown on officer Darren Wilson. During their encounter, Brown had brandished upraised arms at the officer. Wilson defended himself as best he could with his Barretta, the only weapon available to him besides his pepper spray, Taser, baton, handcuffs and police training. After a brief struggle and an undisclosed number of bullets, Brown lay dead while Wilson was forced to reconsider his career options.

“Too long have we allowed this rampant abuse to continue,” Belmar said to reporters. “We can’t have teenagers crossing the street and buying bags of Skittles at random. We must have order in this city!”

Many have praised Belmar’s bravery in standing up for the cause of oppressed police officers everywhere. Across the country, incidents of teenager-on-police violence have been on the rise. Recently in Ohio, a black adolescent had threatened police with a BB gun, which potentially could have put someone’s eye out. Reacting quickly, officers used their real guns to disarm the man. The officers have since had to fill out extensive paperwork. One recently filed a medical claim for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Then there was the well-publicized attack by teenager Trayvon Martin on George Zimmerman. Martin was killed in the encounter, while Zimmerman was forced to endure months of trial and a media that had somehow spun the death to be Zimmerman’s fault. Luckily for Zimmerman, Florida has been ahead of the curve protecting the rights of both law enforcement and faux law enforcement against unarmed black teenagers.

Belmar also praised the efforts of his police force to contain the damage done by nonviolent protests in response to Brown’s death. Officers have been standing strong against an onslaught of paper signs and chanting, protecting themselves behind the thin barrier of bulletproof vests, tear gas and sniper rifles. Many officers have been hospitalized with bruises from firing tear gas cannons, and at least one officer dislocated his arm hitting protesters with a baton.

“We hail the sacrifice of our officers, who are battling for the rights of police everywhere. When it comes to the use of force, there can’t be any hesitation,” stated Belmar. “No police officer should have to live in fear of the consequences of their actions.”