Photo: Jo McCaughey
Photo: Jo McCaughey

After several years of notable collaboration, Jack White’s Ego announced he is splitting with his mentor in favor of making his own music.

“I’m just so much more innovative than all of these other artists. I’m sick of being copied and replicated, and Jack and I have grown apart in terms of musical responsibility,” stated White’s Ego.

The news comes after a surprising apology was issued from Jack White, explaining his attack on artists like The Black Keys, Adele, and more.

“I fucking invented the two man band. I dare you to try to tell me otherwise,” White’s Ego continued. “You think Tegan and Sara would have a career if they didn’t rip me off like a bandaid? You think Flight of the Conchords was an accident? No, that was simply a result of my masterful influence on music as a whole.”

White’s Ego has been growing steadily but quietly since Jack White’s first solo project in 2005, The Raconteurs. After a series of emails between White and his ex-wife Karen Elson were released, White’s Ego stepped out of the shadows and revealed he had been ghost-writing material for White since the 2nd White Stripes album. “Yeah, Jack can play instruments and all, but I’m the one who made the riff for ‘Icky Thump,’ so… I think we know who the real musician is.”

Jack White himself released a statement this morning on the subject. “It is a sad day, for I must announce that I have separated from my ego after several decades of success and friendship. I wish him all the best in the world. Fuck The Black Keys.”

White’s Ego’s album is unnamed as of yet, but is expected to be released whenever Jack White releases something.