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Our yearly heavy dose of blood is upon us, as the good people at Sideshow Pictures are hard at work producing this year’s film short, The House That Cried Blood.

Written and directed by Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet and Night of the Pumpkin) with Jeremy Selenfriend (Boardwalk Empire) heading up the SFX and concisely-measured buckets of blood, The House That Cried Blood is touted as “A classic haunted house tale with a mix of scares and blood” as the film follows four young adults into the house of Old Lady Death, the urban legend haunted house of the town. It would be fair to guess that the legend may very well be gruesomely alive.

photo courtesy of Sideshow Pictures

While Sideshow Pictures’ Night of the Pumpkin was more in line with a bloodier version of campy horror, like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and, more recently, Rubber, The House that Cried Blood seems to invoke Vincent Price-like suspense horror in line with House on Haunted Hill and Lucio Fulci’s House by the Cemetery.

photo courtesy of Sideshow Pictures

Director Frank Sabatella states, “My goal with The House That Cried Blood was to create an eerie atmosphere through the use of location, old fashioned scare tactics, and frightening imagery. I wanted to step outside my own comfort zone as a writer/director and take the opposite approach I took with last year’s Night of the Pumpkin. I left behind the fun and splattery thrills of the 80’s styled VHS horrors and took more of a 70’s styled slow build approach to a creepy, nightmarish finale. Though it is different than what myself and Sideshow are known for, it will still have the style and appeal Sideshow has come to be known for.”

With the dark, explicit style and imagery that Sideshow Pictures has begun to be known for, The House That Cried Blood may very well become the next horror parable showing that a visit to that local haunted house, ice cream factory, or mental institution in your town is probably not such a good idea.

To help the crew complete the film, they have set up a handy Kickstarter page, with multiple tiers of rewards that Sideshow Pictures will make good on. We should know. We got ours from the last production, Night of the Pumpkin. Make your pledge HERE!

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