Pyongyang, N. Korea – The world was reminded that, yes, North Korea is still a thing, as the country’s television programming proclaimed that the country had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb earlier in the day. The news initially sent a shockwave of fear throughout the globe until it was later confirmed that leadership in North Korea is well-known for hyping things up for its citizens.

It has now been confirmed that North Korea has indeed successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb today. However, something may have been lost in translation as the hydrogen bomb in question was actually a water balloon. Supreme Leader and North Korean music sensation Kim Jong-Un had not only successfully filled and tied off a green water balloon, but had also succeeded in dousing a test subject that had been brought in from one of the country’s work farms. It just so happens that the same words are used for “hydrogen bomb” and “water balloon” in North Korea.

“For far too long, the world has looked upon the military might of North Korea with scorn,” stated chief scientist Son Lo-Fat. “Now, with the detonation of this hydrogen bomb/water balloon, North Korea will finally receive the respect it deserves!”

This latest step in North Korea’s weapons program is only the beginning. It was later confirmed that North Korea had followed up the hydrogen bomb test with a breakthrough in biological warfare when Kim Jong-Un farted in an elevator, leading half of his entourage unconscious at ground zero.

By Patrick AE

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