Seoul, SOUTH KOREA: The cutting edge technology of the North Korean military was displayed once again as officials in North Korea allegedly faxed a threat to the South Korean National Security Council hinting that they may attack mercilessly in response to anti-North rallies earlier this week.

The threatening fax is believed to have come due to a faulty dial-up connection of the North Korean military, which made email through Prodigy or America Online impossible.

“It’s just as well that the threat was faxed,” stated self-proclaimed international correspondent Paul Emmerlan. “An email could very well have been sent to the spam email of the South Korean government, even if South Korea had not blocked the email addresses of Kim Jong-un or other North Korean personnel. At least a fax has a chance of being read, along with travel offers by international cruise lines.”

Fortunately, the fax went through without a problem, or else the threatening message may have needed to be sent by Morse code or the social network Friendster.

*Special Thanks to Scott L. for the scoop.*

By Patrick AE

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