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Review of The Band Formerly Known as The Relyx’s “Strange Living”


(Editor’s note: The Relyx have since changed their name, again. They are now known as Neon Dynamite.)

   Good news, music fans!The Relyx

   Jeff Buckley is alive.

   Yes, I know. You’ve pored over every conspiracy-theory laden website on the internet. You can’t believe that he just conveniently “disappeared” into a calm river while fully dressed. Can’t believe that the coroner reported nothing amiss. Cannot believe they misspelled his middle name on his tombstone (err, no, wait, that was Elvis). You have just been hoping beyond hope that Buckley had dodged out to avoid his burgeoning fame, and that some day he’d come back like Bill Watterson returning to the comics page by doing Frazz under a pseudonym.  What? No, seriously, man. Look at the art! And Frazz’s hair is in the shape of a “W.” As in WATTERSON, man!

   But I digress.

   Jeff Buckley is alive. That’s the only way I can explain what’s going on with the release of The Relyx’s EP, Strange Living. I mean, sure. It’s a little more polished than Buckley’s original work. It’s not crappy and raspy and raw; Strange Living has the sound of a band that’s been in hiding for a decade, working on putting together a really strong five-song album to reintroduce… err, introduce themselves to the world.

   I mean, sure. The band’s bio SAYS they were formed in 2007. And the band’s lead singer, Nathan Lacy, doesn’t LOOKThe Relyx 43, but it’s amazing what they can do with plastic surgery these days.

   What? They have birth certificates that prove they’re not the Jeff Buckley band? Well, we all know documents can be forged. I mean, just look at Obama’s records. You can CLEARLY see that they refer to him as OBAMA BIN HUSSEIN McLADEN, and yet he managed to become president.

   Okay, okay, fine. If you say this isn’t Jeff Buckley, I’ll believe it.(Wink wink, nod nod.)

   So, this… umm, this band is nothing like what I said before. They’re bluesy at times, soulful at others, and have a ridiculously appealing sound to their music. And not once have they ever covered a Leonard Cohen song.

   Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do some more research on Kurt Cobain’s so-called “overdose.”

Song you should buy on iTunes for $1, rather than downloading for free: Can’t do it. They’re not on iTunes yet. I bet it’s all a part of their master plan. Very clever, gentlemen. But if you want to just find one song to get you started, go check out the title track (Strange Living) on their Faceyspace pages. It’s a little more “funk” than some of their other offerings, but it’s the one that made me shake my booty in my ergonomic office chair.

Rating (out of 5): 

4 died-under-mysterious-circumstances artists who are totally NOT a part of this band.


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