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Arab Militants Face Dressing Down


Kabul, Afghanistan: Arab extremists are up in arms right now, after a prominent member was recently contacted by a U.S Army general, who was out in the outskirts of Kabul, looking to buy some Do-Nuts.

   The gentleman at the center of the mix up, known to us only as Osama B.L., (he did not wish to give his full name due to the embarrassing nature of the incident), told us “The General and his team arrived at our secret camp looking for some light refreshment, and although we tried to make a joke of the situation, saying that if only he was looking for WMDs then he had come to the right place, there were still a lot of red faces. My men are still ribbing me about it almost a week later. Oh well, at least it will make for a great story at the office Christmas party.”

   It seems the Americans are becoming confused by the clothing worn by the Arabs, which strongly resembles the uniforms of the fast food retailers they know from back home.

   “It’s bad enough the Arabs have dark hair and beards,” a Serviceman told us. “We have enough trouble telling them apart from the Chinese.”

   The situation has become so embarrassing that the traditional keffiyeh, the headscarf worn by Arab men is now to be ditched in favor of a more distinctive outfit.

This artist’s impression is thought to be the new design for Jihad-Wear:


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