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Turner in His Grave


London, UK: The shortlist for the 2008 Turner Prize has been announced by Tate Britain, and as expected, features random items of tat, stuck together with sticky-tape and dumped in a large room.Tate Britain, art museum

   The prestigious prize is awarded annually to the British Artist under the age of 50, who most greatly displays flagrant disregard for taste, style or talent.

   The finalists this year include a Woman who is trying to grow a beard, a completely dark locked room, a homeless man covered in sick, and a bunch of ‘Art-Judges’ laughing uncontrollably.

   No stranger to controversy, previous shortlists have included Tracey Emmin’s unmade bed, Damien Hurst’s half a cow, a painting daubed with Dog Crap and a small room with dodgy electric wiring.

   Some critics have remarked that all these items are commonplace in most Student accommodation up and down the country, and should be judged not by a panel of Art-Experts, but rather by the Health And Safety Executive.

   When asked for a comment about the competition that bears his name, 19th Century painter Turner said: “Man, this is like, so embarrassing, I mean what a bunch of utter guff! In fact, I’m glad I’m dead!”

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