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Under The Influence


London, UK: Investigations into alleged bribery and corruption surrounding one of the UK’s biggest ever arms deals look set to begin again, following a High Court ruling. The arms deal, worth some £43 billion, involved British company BAE Systems, and those old lovers of freedom and justice, Saudi Arabia.

   It appears that the Serious Fraud Office cancelled its earlier investigation into this matter, after the Saudis threatened to cancel the order and withhold vital intelligence information. Under additional pressure from the UK Government, the SFO decided that the rule of law was not nearly so important as the money, so rolled over and looked the other way.

   The fear is, that the UK Government has allowed it’s laws and the application of such, to be controlled by outside Middle East and London convergeforces. Prime Minister Gordon Brown denies these claims, but cannot comment further at this point, as he is too busy drawing up new laws to allow the flogging of Women, and the stoning of Infidels.

   Of course this case sets a dangerous precedent. If the UK Government allows it’s actions to be dictated by outside forces, who knows where it could lead?

   “At this rate, we could end up illegally invading a  foreign country at the whim of some Superpower governed by an idiot!” A man at a bus stop said earlier today.

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