Hollywood, CA: And yet another season of Dancing With the Stars has come to a glittery close, crowning Jennifer Grey as the ballroom champ. Not surprisingly, the former dirty dancer beat out actor/singer Kyle Massey, as well as Bristol Palin, the infamous daughter of VP-candidate-turned-ex-Alaskan-governor-turned-Tea-Party-Mad-Hatter-turned-reality-TV-star Sarah Palin.

However, this season, DWTS fans won’t have to wait months to watch the next group of celebrity has-beens attempt to regain their former glory. Right on the heels of DWTS was the premiere of Skating With the Stars. For the next couple of weeks, reality TV junkies can watch D-list celebrities skate around an ice rink and fall on their pampered derrieres.

And that’s just the beginning.

If Skating With the Stars proves to be as popular as Dancing With the Stars, the ABC Network plans to follow it with a whole slew of “With the Stars” shows. A few ideas on the network’s short list include:

  • Dieting With the Stars: Celebrity chubsters will pair up with celebrities-turned-diet-spokespeople to see which fad diet can help them wittle their waists down to the perfect Hollywood size zero. It’s going to be a diet showdown with Valerie Bertinelli as the Jenny Craig “pro” and Sara Rue as the Weight Watchers Points Master.

    Gary Busey discusses prison with an up-and-coming celebrity.
  • Incarcerated With the Stars: Newly-sentenced celebs pair up with old prison veterans like Lil Wayne, Lindsay Lohan, Lil Kim, and O.J. Simpson. They’ll learn how to survive without the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life and how not to become somebody’s b***h while in the slammer.
  • Rehab With the Stars: Celebrity addicts will pair up with rehab veterans like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, and Gary Busey to see who can really kick the habit (or who can at least stay sober the longest).
  • Parenting With the Stars: New celebrity moms and dads will pair up with the Octomom, the Duggar Family, and Brangelina for some great advice on parenting, birth control, and international adoption. The contestant that births and/or adopts the most kids wins!