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ICYWYMI: Ted Cruz Drops the Mic, Has to Pick It Back Up


Welcome back to another entry of In Case You Wish You Missed It, the news you wish wouldn’t happen but, somehow, does.

Last night, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz continued to follow up his national #CruzCountry Comedy Tour with his more localized “Hey Iowa: A Night with Ted ‘Ryan Gosling’ Cruz tour. And yes, Cruz’ jokes are just as bad as what I just wrote.

Cruz continued his awkward comedy routine during a visit to the Goldfield Old Schoolhouse in Iowa by sneaking in a “Take Obamacare. Please, take Obamacare” in order to show off his knowledge of prolific comedians in the 1930’s like “Benny Youngman,” as Cruz stated to a clueless pre-adolescent boy. Unfortunately, Cruz’ “drop the mic” tactic didn’t garner the respect that Eddie Murphy did back in the 80’s. Maybe it was the fact that Henry “Henny” Youngman, not Benny Youngman, was the old time comedian who coined the joke, “Take my wife… please” that Cruz butchered.

But it’s not just how Cruz, and other presidential candidates, are getting caught being coached by their campaign managers in the ways of untimely one-liners. Campaigns and debates are becoming less like important discussions on issues and more like bad insult comedy shows with an America’s Got Talent backdrop. Maybe that’s what happens when a multi-billionaire loses the publicity he had garnered as the host of a reality game show, so he decides to run for president.

But maybe there is something to Cruz’ campaign. Maybe he is ready for his shot.


To hell with it. I wouldn’t watch a remake of The Princess Bride no matter who was cast.


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