Washington, DC— With healthcare.gov and state-run healthcare information websites still carrying design errors, code errors, and lack of server space as the ACA Healthcare signup deadline of March 31st looms closer, the White House has begun to digitize the education of another important platform: climate change.

The website, a branch of data.gov that points to geoplatform.gov that points back to data.gov which then points to a broken web link referencing hot lesbian action, aims to educate Americans in how climate change could deluge or destroy their environment using forecast maps, geological tables, and other charts, graphs, and applications on a website that promises to be as indecipherable and painful to navigate as weather.com.

“Weather and climate change have been intertwined since the dawn of the world,” stated web developer Andrew Hootchkins. “It makes sense that the websites meant to clarify these subjects in the eyes of the public would each be equally as confusing as the other.”

The information on the website will also include personal plans of action that would help alleviate potential stress on the environment, such as turning off lights when not in a room, car-pooling or using public transportation, and spending less time and energy waiting for faulty websites to load.

By Patrick AE

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