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Pyongyang, DPRK: Basketball fans were at a loss for words earlier this week when retired American player Dennis Rodman, who once headbutted a referee and stormed off the court while removing his shirt, acted strangely during a visit to North Korea. While Rodman’s frequent visits to north Korea seemed slightly, fans were more surprised that Rodman seemed to hold himself together for so long until finally “losing it.”

Many were shocked and confused when Rodman declared dictator Kim Jong-Un to be his “best friend” and became irate with a reporter when questioned about the DPRK leader’s execution of his own uncle and the detainment of American Kenneth Bae in one of the nation’s hard labor camps.

“I never expected this,” said longtime fan Seth Marshall. “He’s had a history of odd behavior, sure, like promoting his autobiography Bad As I Wanna Be in a wedding dress and claiming he was marrying himself, but this is way out of line.” Marshall said that he hopes Rodman “knew what he was doing” when he declared lifelong friendship to a clearly unstable dictator whose military recently faxed threats to the South Korean government.

Rodman has been in the controversial leader’s country with a team of other former NBA players to bring basketball to the country in an apparent attempt at creating peace. However, Rodman has also stated that the game was a “birthday present” for the North Korean leader, leading the crowd in a rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Another self-proclaimed Rodman fan Brent Irwin told reporters that, although he has been a long time fan, he was “a little weirded out” about Rodman’s recent exploits in the DPRK. “I want to say I trust him,” said Brent of the man who is alleged to have knowingly infected a girl with herpes, drunkenly married Carmen Electra, and arrived to the promotion of his second book within a large coffin. “But it’s getting a little tough with this Kim Jong-Un business. I mean, it’s absolutely insane. I think it’s a bridge too far for the guy.”

As of press time, Rodman is said to be planning to arrive back in the United States within a North Korean missile.

By Patrick Braud

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