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Sad Paul: A Sad Ron Paul Internet Meme


Most supporters of Libertarian/Republican Representative Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, Esquire, have not given up on their candidate’s possibility to win the Republican primaries. Although Mitt Romney seems to have taken the lead in everything after Newt Gingrich ran out of money, Rep. Ron Paul stands strong in a determined, if not handicapped, campaign.

While critics are unsure if Rep. Ron Paul is even aware that he is still campaigning while behind, this story is all too familiar. It happened just four years ago to be exact: the emergence of Sad Paul.

Sad Paul never gained steam, mostly because Ron Paul had become an internet meme himself. This year, however, we celebrated Sad Paul with a photo contest. So, vote on your favorite by commenting here, checking the poll box on this page, or liking your favorite photos at our Facebook page!


It’s hard not to have a Sad Paul without referencing the great Sad Keanu.


If only we could get Sad Paul to hold up a boombox that’s playing Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer“.


BryBer already gets into the act with this Ron Paul cameo in Pulp Fiction.


Mindykins plugs Sad Paul into one of the saddest movies ever: What Dreams May Come.


Corrupted Clown found out that Sad Paul wears his sunglasses at night, too.


Alex77 thinks Sad Paul should have been included in Brokeback Mountain. He must really want that copy of Bruno.


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