Most supporters of Libertarian/Republican Representative Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, Esquire, have not given up on their candidate’s possibility to win the Republican primaries. Although Mitt Romney seems to have taken the lead in everything after Newt Gingrich ran out of money, Rep. Ron Paul stands strong in a determined, if not handicapped, campaign.

While critics are unsure if Rep. Ron Paul is even aware that he is still campaigning while behind, this story is all too familiar. It happened just four years ago to be exact: the emergence of Sad Paul.

Sad Paul never gained steam, mostly because Ron Paul had become an internet meme himself. This year, however, we will celebrate Sad Paul with a photo contest!

The directions are simple:

  1.  Take the Sad Paul template, found HERE
  2.  Add Sad Paul to your favorite sad scene, whether it be in film, television, history, or anything else
  3.  Explain your picture
  4.  Email your picture to [email protected]
  5.  Win stuff

This time we will be picking 10 winners to receive stuff from our closet. It could literally be anything: A wine-opening set; an Olympus camera that still uses “AA” batteries; Season 2 of The O.C.; a pen!

The top 5 that are voted on will receive a copy of Ron Paul’s critically acclaimed introduction to film, Bruno! Votes will be tallied using the highly sophisticated and iron-tight calibration of internet voting.

Unsure how to proceed? Well, here are some examples we did ourselves!


Sad Paul on the Porch

This picture came from an article by our own Ben Batorsky, and prompted the creation of Sad Paul in the first place.


Sad Paul Meets Sad Keanu

It’s hard not to have a Sad Paul without referencing the great Sad Keanu.


Say Anything, Sad Paul.

If only we could get Sad Paul to hold up a boombox that’s playing Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer“.


How do you win? Email your work to [email protected] with the heading “Sad Paul”, or post your picture at our fan page on Facebook, by May 21, 2012. We will then post them all in both an article and in a Facebook photo folder. From there, we will count up votes from our readers using a website poll, and the photo “like” button on Facebook. The top 5 will win the spoils! The next 5 will win the spoiled.

Remember, entries must be your own creations.

Disclaimer: Winners must be 18 years or older and reside in the United States. Only one winner per household. Contest entries due at 12:00am Eastern Standard Time on May 21, 2012.

By FascistEditor

As the managing editor of The Inept Owl, Patrick has sworn to uphold the honor and integrity of hard-hitting journalism...but only on Sundays at 10am.