Shortly after news reports came out that Tina Fey had a new baby girl, her publicist had to immediately squash rumors that she actually had an old baby girl.

The Smoking Gun had come out with a story stating that Fey actually had a baby afflicted with Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome and that curiously, whether due to this condition or other reasons, the baby looks exactly like Lorne Michaels.

It was further rumored that Fey had hoped to profit from her Lorne Michaels looking baby by making a film that satirizes The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This new film, with a working title of The Curious Case of Tina Fey’s Old Baby Girl Puzzlingly Looking Exactly Like Lorne Michaels, was said, in a bizarre twist, to also star Brad Pitt.

However, Fey’s publicist has denied all of these rumors and has been quoted as saying, “Tina’s baby is not the product of some affair with Lorne Michaels. She actually looks a lot more like Andy Samberg, which is of course a weird coincidence”.

Fey could not be reached for comment because she was breastfeeding. Well, she herself was not actually breastfeeding, which would be weird, unless she was married to Ellen Degeneres or something, but was rather breastfeeding her newborn. She did give reporters the finger though, which translated into Pig Latin for this family publication translates into: uck-fay ou-yay.

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