President Loses Tie Clip in Front of Saudi King


London, UK: The G20 Summit became a bit of a spectacle last week, without the help from global economic troubleshooting. The event in question was when United States President Barack Obama allegedly bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia during the Summit’s “Meet and Greet Cocktail Hour.”

   During the initial meeting between the American president and Saudi king, it was noted that upon shaking hands, President Obama went into a crouched President Obama Loses Tie Clipbow, as if in a subservient genuflection large enough to be noticed, but probably small enough to inspire a Sensei to whip a student with a bamboo rod.

   The gesture has sent up flares in regards to the President’s knowledge of international protocol. Both the President and his First Lady gave a short bow to Queen Elizabeth II upon meeting her earlier this year, as well as the endearing hug that almost brought the U.S. and U.K. back to the brink of war. This latest gaff has met with even more resentment, possibly because of the obvious difference that King Abdullah is, to put it lightly, a hockey fan, while Queen Elizabeth prefers baseball.

   White House aides have recently released information that President Obama was not actually bowing, but looking for a tie clip that he had just noticed was missing.

   “This is not just a cover-up to protect the President’s image. In the video being reviewed, where President Obama hunches over in front of King Abdullah, you can hear the Chinese magistrate next to them look down and exclaim, ‘Hey butterfingers, you dropped something.’ In order the create a story, someone must have edited the clip. We’re not accusing anyone, but I’ve heard a certain Newt Gingrich is pretty handy with Windows MovieMaker,” explained publicist Melanie Wasserman.

   Much of the resentment has come from the idea that the President should not bow to any royalty. This is because bowing is a symbolic gesture towards kings by their subjects, and the President is the head of his own nation. “This particular bow is deeply disheartening to Americans compared to the bow to Queen Elizabeth, mainly because King Abdullah is not just a hockey fan, but a Detroit Red Wings fan, with no racial or cultural connotations whatsoever,” explained political commentator Bill O’Rielly.

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