Brooklyn, NY: After a little over two years, massive personnel changes, and a team move in the past off-season, the goal of owners Jay Z and Mikhail Prokhorov, and the entire metro area of NY that aren’t Knicks fans to win the NBA championship halfway through the season was deserted with the firing of coach Avery Johnson.avery_johnson

After guiding the team to an 11-4 record, Johnson’s Nets sputtered out soon after and went 3-13. giving the Nets the possibility for their first .500 record since the 2006-2007. This, of course was not good enough for management and fans.

“Avery has had two years to take a 12-70 team with no money, in flux with owner and location turnover, and interactions with Kim Kardashian and turn them into a championship team,” stated Brooklyn native James LeFleur. “We should be parading that trophy back and forth on the Williamsburg Bridge right now to stick it to the Knicks.”

When told that the NBA championship is not awarded until early June, LeFleur stated, “F*ck you. This is New York. It should be done already.”

While the sputtering of the Nets in the last 14 days is one of the potential issues that led to the firing of Avery Johnson, there is speculation that other problems had been looming at the Barclay’s Center that had led to the early dismissal. One is that a falling out happened between Nets star Deron Williams and Johnson.

The most logical reason that caused Johnson to be fired, however, was the rumor that it was Johnson himself that came up with the ridiculous Brooklyn Knight mascot and costume design.

“If Avery Johnson caused that mess to be responsible for motivating fans, he deserves to be fired,” stated an anonymous Brooklyn Nets fan. “That mascot is enough to force a team to change their name, colors, and even location again.”

By Patrick AE

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