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Apparently, a Qatari diplomat tried to have a smokey smoke in the bathroom on his flight from Washingtion to Denver, and when confronted about the smell of smoke by a stewardess and a US Marshall he made a joke that he was “trying to light his shoe on fire.”



Members of the media, specifically those of the more right-handed radio resolve, are alternately confused and enthralled by the fact that Tiger Woods, once thought to be just African-Asian American, may be Jewish as well.

This belief came about from the utter media wash for which Tigers Woods was responsible for. For the past three months, a news story could not be intelligently covered without some sort of mention of Tiger Woods, particularly such inspiring on-the-scene newscasters such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.

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Windermere, FL: Tiger Woods, charged with careless driving, fined $164 by Florida authorities on Tuesday, and squarely in the crosshairs of the celebrity and tabloid media, issued a statement Wednesday surprisingly skirting his recent legal and family troubles ostensibly in an effort to seek a different kind of fame.