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Fun With Math: NFL Officials and the End of the Lockout


With the NFL’s lockout of the usual field officials finally over, pending that a majority of the union members sign off, we can once again enjoy professional football games without jokes about officiating taking higher standing than the actual game. Now we will complain a good percentage less, and perhaps even understand what the officials are calling.

But why did the lockout happen in the first place? Money, and since I’m bored and want to bore the rest of you with math, I will break down how much of a dent the officials demands would have made on the most valuable team in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. All versions of worth and revenue are shown for 2013(via FORBES).

Dallas Cowboys before agreement with officials:

Current Value: $2.1 billion ($2,100,000,000)

Yearly Revenue: $500 million($500,000,000)

Operating Income: $226,700,000

Demands of officials(for 2013):

Salary addition per official: $173,000 – $149,000 = $24,000

Number of officials: 121

Total addition in 2013: $24,000 x 121 = $290,000

Number of NFL Teams: 32

Cost per team in salary addition: $2,904,000 / 32 = $90,750

Annual benefits pay-in per official: $18,000

Total pay-in per year: $18,000 x 121 = $2,178,000

Cost per team in benefits pay-in: $2,178,000 / 32 = $68,062.50

Final demand costs per team: $158,812.50

Final Value and Revenue of the Dallas Cowboys:

Current Value: $2.1 billion ($2,100,000,000) – $158,812.50 = $2.09 billion($2,099,841,187.50)

Yearly Revenue: $500 million($500,000,000) – $158,812.50 = $499,841,187.50

Operating Income: $226,700,000 – $158,812.50 = $226,541,187.50



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