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Lolo Jones Misses Olympic Medal After Switching Places with Rashida Jones


London, GREAT BRITAIN: With all of the controversy stemming from United States Olympian Lolo Jones and her heartbreaking bid for a medal in the 100-meter hurdles final, some believe her media coverage may have been more about hype about the track stars looks than talent.

Lolo Jones above, Rashida Jones below. Or is it the other way around?

Some analysts believe that Lolo Jones’ talent was there to meet the demands of the London Olympics. Lolo Jones herself, however, was not.

“The most believable circumstance that lead to this loss was that Rashida Jones took the place of Lolo Jones in the race,” explained sports analyst Brandon Starr. “We don’t know where Rashida was at the time, so she may very well have been on the track to replace Lolo for unknown reasons.”

Rashida Jones, former star of NBC’s The Office and current star of Parks & Recreation, has been compared to Lolo Jones as soon as the track star came into the limelight. Unforunately, Rashida does not have the athletic prowess of Lolo. This could very well have lead to the loss if such a switch occurred.

“It makes more sense that a female track star would have a Hollywood actress run in her place than to have such a large media hype and not even win a medal,” stated Starr. “The media can’t be wrong, right?”

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