London, UK: Unfortunately, competition between two of the biggest Olympic stars does not end with the Olympics.

Indeed, after gold medalist Ryan Lochte expressed interest in appearing on “Dancing With The Stars,” his teammate, Michael Phelps, has revealed that he’s also open to competing on the reality series. Lochte further noted that he would “very much” like to compete on “DWTS,” especially if he got to face off against Phelps on the dance floor.

“I mean, since I am so used to competing against Michael Phelps, yeah, I’d have him on the show. And whip his Speedo encased Keister again in any reality show…ANY TIME!”

On hearing Lochte’s challenge, Phelps and ABC announced that the two teammates will square off in a new reality series called, “Drinking with the Stars.” The show’s premise is to see which two celebrities can put the most alcohol in their blood in thirty minutes. On the opening show, drinking bouts include Phelps vs. Lochte, Danny Bonaduce vs. Nick Nolte and Everyone vs. Randy Travis. The boozed up winners will find themselves $100,000 richer and on an all expenses paid weekend in Bermuda with Holley Mangold.

Both stars admitted that they secretly filmed a reality show for CBS show starring themselves and self-proclaimed virgin and perennial non-gold winner, Lolo Jones called “Can You Bone Ms. Jones?” Each week, one of the men dates Lolo Jones and tries to be the first wet man to dive between her legs. On the pilot show, an unsuccessful Lochte said, “All I can say is to get into Lolo, a guy has to go through hurdles—kind of like she does when she competes for gold medals.”

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