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Houses of The Owl Photoshop Contest: Game of Thrones


The time has come! Some of our readers have presented Game of Thrones memes in the hopes of winning Season 1 on Blu-Ray or DVD at best, and the pocket lint of our editor at worse.

Voting procedures are simple:

1) “Like” photos on our Facebook page!

2) Using the cool polling box on the right!

3) Register and comment on the site! Valid emails are necessary so we know it isn’t the editor posting as a billion people!

All votes from these categories will be tallied March 23, 2012. You can vote all three ways if you want to!

Now let’s see what the contenders brought us!


Bree Brinkat focuses on Sean Bean and the similar characteristic of all of his screen roles!

Courtesy of Bree Brincat


AmyC taps into Sansa Stark’s inner love for The Princess Bride!

Courtesy of AmyC


BryBer shows how much Joffrey Baratheon looks like a Gelfling from The Dark Crystal!

Courtey of Bryber


Corrupted Clown decides to tear down Tyrion Lannister with Hipster Mini-Me!

Courtesy of Corrupted Clown


Alan K shows how cross-cultural the O-Face is!

Courtesy of Alan K


That’s it, readers. Go and vote!

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