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BRESPN: The All Brett Favre Network


BRESPN – the All Brett Favre Network!

All Brett – all the time – a fate worse than death (and twice as fun)!!!

    With the re-re-re-retirement of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and soft-porn texter Brett Favre, the world is wondering, “What will Brett Favre do now?”

Well, aside from the probable comeback season, again, ESPN has begun to show the pilots of shows to be featured on one of their future splinter stations, BRESPN.

Schedule for premier week:


Monday – discuss overrated NFL career with emphasis on ironman record.

Tuesday – discuss Wranglers and overrated career. Ponder the ironman record.

Wednesday – discuss his addiction to painkillers. Also his overrated career. Touch on ironman record.

Thursday – discuss his obsession with his NFL records, not counting the bad ones. Accent on the ironman record.

Friday – Pizza day! Discuss budding acting career. Also discuss Jenn Sterger, that lying biatch. And the ironman record. 

Special episodes:

  • Brett Reads a Book: Brett Favre attempts to read an actual book – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. Brett confesses that he often feels like Max
  • Brett Takes a Shower (rated MA): the perpetually disheveled Favre takes his weekly shower. For premier week Brett uses soap
  • Brett Acts like a Loving Husband: this episode is still in development



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