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Thirtysomething Aptitude Test


Mean Missus MustardYou’ve gotten through college, but can you get out of the house within a reasonable time?  Take the TAT’s and identify your strengths and weaknesses.


Thirtysomething Aptitute Test

Answer Sheet – Do not detach for fear of misplacing

  1. A  B  C  D
  2. A  B  C  D
  3. A  B  C  D
  4. A  B  C  D
  5. A  B  C  D
  6. A  B  C  D
  7. A  B  C  D
  8. A  B  C  D
  9. A  B  C  D
10. A  B  C  D


Each question below has four possible answers. Choose the answer that best fits the question and circle the corresponding letter on the answer sheet. You will have fifteen minutes, during which time you should be working on that report the boss asked for, to complete the test.



At 3:50:39 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, you depart from the living room (Point A), and travel at 3mph in a southeasterly direction toward the den (Point B), with a clear intention in mind.  At 3:50: 47 p.m. you arrive at the Point B.   What was your intention?
(A)  To retrieve a book
(B)  To dust the den


(C)  To pay some bills

(D)  You will remember upon returning to Point A and sitting down
Where are your keys?

(A)  Hanging on the key rack in the kitchen

(B)  In the pocket of your jacket

(C)  In your purse or book bag

(D)  None of the above.  Son of a …  I just saw them.

 What’s in your wallet?

(A) Your real ID and your fake ID

(B) A cocktail napkin and an anonymous phone number

(C)  An old theme park admission ticket and a novelty condom

(D) A Super Saver Bonus Clipless Coupon Club card and an additional coupon for 35 cents off toilet paper (they’re doubling coupons this week)!


toilet paper 

How will you use the toilet paper from question 3?

(A) To decorate your friend’s house before you win the big game

(B) To decorate your enemy’s house after you lose the big game

(C)  To clean the bathroom

(D) Stop wasting the toilet paper!



Where did you park?

(A) In the driveway, with two wheels resting on the lawn

(B) A quiet place where you won’t be disturbed during your afternoon nap

(C)  Someplace where no one will mess with your spinning rims

(D) Oh, dammit!



How much does an American Series VG Stratocaster®  cost?

(A) Rosewood or maple?


(B) Three months’ worth of waiting tables

(C) Sweet, but you’re a Rickenbacker person

(D) Huh?

cellular phone
  At 7:15 p.m. on a Friday evening, your cell phone begins to ring.  Who is it?

(A)  Your best friend confirming the night’s plans

(B)  Your mother making her weekly call

(C)  A campaign fundraising attempt

(D)  You, calling from your landline in order to locate your cell phone  

It is one o’clock in the morning on a Saturday.  You are: 

(A)  In a bar

(B)  In a club

(C)  At a live gig

(D)  In bed, and you really wish the punks next door would keep it down. 




  Seriously, where are your keys? 

(A)  Dangling from the lock in the back door

(B)  In  the pocket of your jacket, which you threw the hamper

(C)  In your purse or book bag, which you left in the car

(D)  None of the above.   Mother…  Who took my keys?  They were just here.


Evaluate Your Performance

To calculate your score, determine how many questions you answered with choice D, which are worth 1 point each.

 If your score was:

7-10:  You used to be cool.  Welcome to the club.

4-6:  There is still time.  Invest in Post-It Notes while you can still shop without a list. 

3 or less:   Congratulations.  You can still find your car in a parking lot without the aid of your alarm.  Please help a high scorer find his or her keys. 





 What’s an antique?

(A) Your mom’s Neil Diamond album

(B) Your economics professor

(C)  Something that will pay for a sweet happy face shifter knob when hocked

(D) Be careful with that!




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