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New Orleans, LA: The latest entry as “America’s Team” was delivered a crippling sack this past weekend, as former players opened allegations of knowledge and support of a bounty program against the New Orleans Saints’ former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. However, many wonder why the Saints should be disciplined harshly, considering how horrible their defense has been in recent years.

Inept Cards

It’s been far too long since there was an update at Something Awful’s Star Wars Valentines, so with the help of some last minute brainstorming, we came up with two that you can send to the Alderaanian geeks in your life.


Racism and prejudice in general were dealt a mighty blow recently, as scientists confirmed that human beings each harbor one of at least three different groupings of stomach bacteria. Much to the dismay of racist bigots everywhere, studies have also shown that the bacteria strands are not race, class, creed, sex, or sexual orientation related.


Not so long ago, in a lab across the Atlantic, several psychologists donned their white lab coats, popped some popcorn (extra butter), and set out to diagnose one of the most famous villains in film history—Darth Vader.

Now, any smart working person knows what this really was—a clever way for some sci-fi geeks to get paid to watch movies. But, nevertheless, their findings made their way into various academic and medical journals around the globe.

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