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Los Angeles, CA: Many actors and actresses engulf themselves in their characters in order to bring a certain base of believability that the audience can start from in film or television. Adrien Brody practiced the piano 4 hours a day and sold all of his possessions for The Pianist. Al Pacino pulled over truck drivers to prepare himself for Serpico. Keanu Reeves became a burnt-out air guitar-playing pop culture teenager for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and never looked back. Recently, Ashton Kutcher began his own method of character-acting in order to replace Charlie Sheen in the television series, Two and a Half Men.

Entertainment people_sexy

New York, NY: With the release of PEOPLE Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” cover, there seemed to be little conflict with the choice of Bradley Cooper. Handsome, successful, popular, the star of the “Hangover” movies seemed an easy choice for the general public. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed, as an overwhelming amount of Clint Howard fans took to social networking sites after Wednesday’s announcement.

NFL Picks pppicks

Welcome back, football fans, to our quasi-professional football picks! Each week we will pick game winners based on Vegas over/under lines, and add some sharp commentary to the games. Our analyst from across the pond has taken the lead! Let’s see if our British bookie-setter can maintain it while still being unable to watch a whole game.

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Denver, CO: The professional football life of Tim Tebow has not been an easy one. Everyone, including towel boys, can throw better than him. His stats are running back-option worthy. His rookie contract only garnered $9.7 million over 5 years. He has been ridiculed by fans and players for his religious tendencies, both on and off the field. Fortunately for Tebow, it was never his intention to be the best quarterback in the league, or even very good. “I’m not here for myself. I’m here to spread the words of Jesus, and to that end I think I’ve been pretty successful,” explained Tebow.

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Considering we haven’t been able to listen to a sports talk show that isn’t drooling over kid-touching, we decided that the Sandusky-Bear needed to make an appearance. You’re welcome.

Sports A moment later, Jerry Sandusky was rushed to the hospital.

State College, PA: In the wake of the recent Jerry Sandusky/Penn State molestation scandal the residents of Happy Valley, the nickname bestowed upon State College from residents throughout the state, have determined that a name change is in the best interest of the town. After a vote the chosen name has been revealed as Predator Paradise!

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The fact remains that Herman Cain was a decision-making member of the NRA. Unfortunately, it is the wrong NRA to be a part of when campaigning under the umbrella of the Republican Party and its conservative views. Vocal conservative pundits have continued to gloss over how they use the term “NRA” when discussing Herman Cain, as they should. The NRA that Herman Cain belonged to was not the NationaL Rifle Association. It was, in fact, the National Restaurant Association.

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