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In order to best aid our growing egotism, we are creating an (e)Mail Day! Every Thursday we will pick an email, or hard-copy letter if we’re that lucky, and post it! Maybe even two or three! No worries about harassing spammers, we will change email adresses to protect the innocent.

So chat with us at our Hate/Love email:

Some emails that request a response may be referred to our Ask An Owl Section.

Thanks for reading!

-The Editor

(e)Mail Day!

I’m not sure if Ulysses is our biggest fan, or biggest hater. His words sound like what I say every time I see a new Stephen Dorff movie, The Phantom Menace, or Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It’s tough to gauge.

(e)Mail Day!

I would like to personally thank “Ken” for setting us straight about what is truly important to music and the arts.

But I’m on to YOU, “KEN,” or, dare I say, leader of the Blowfish.