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I received this Email a while ago and I thought it and my reply were Owl-worthy. As a reporter, I feel the need to illuminate the public consciousness and inform people of what is going on in the world we live in.
Today, we begin stripping naked the international Email scammer, and giggling at him as he attempts to cover his shame and shortcomings.
My work with Patrick has been about exposing the seething underbelly of society from the very being, that and rolling up in a corner and laughing at how dumb we are collectively.


For quite some time now, Monsters who find themselves afoul of the laws in New York State have also found themselves square against an unyielding wall of the harshest punishments imaginable, most times without the benefit of a fair trial or representation.

Experts most often cite the case of New York v. King Kong:

Critics Den

Who’s the greatest action hero of the modern age and why?
John McClane that’s who… and why? Well, that IS a discussion boys and girls.
Sit in the lotus way at the foot of SAINT and let me remind you why we love the impossible feats of John McClane over all others.