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Vancouver, BC- CANADA: Shia LaBeouf, the awkward-looking “star” of the famously horrific ‘Transformers’ franchise has, after much consideration, decided on his fallback career. LaBeouf knows that, sooner or later, his luck will run out and moviegoers will realize that he lacks both the talent and the good looks required to be a marquee star. When this happens, the job offers will cease to arrive and he will need a second career. His career of choice? Punching bag.


In the note, which has been released publicly, Eggerson, 40, pointed to the firing of Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men as a primary reason for his suicide. According to the note, titled “My Reasons For Eating Jif,” other causes included his inability to “hold down a stinking job,” maintain a relationship with a “woman who is not imaginary,” and “my mother selling my baseball card collection on Ebay without getting my permission first.”

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