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ICYWYMI: Pepper-Spray Incident Costs UC Davis… Again


Welcome back to another entry of In Case You Wish You Missed It, the news you wish wouldn’t happen but, somehow, does.

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t keep bad press down. All the marketing and public relations work in the world can’t erase bad press. When you try, all you seem to do is make the original bad press flourish, and bring newer bad press about the cover-up.

Just ask the college board at the University of California at Davis. It was four and a half years ago since UC Davis was hit with a public relations nightmare when one of their police officers pepper-sprayed a student at an Occupy movement protest. Instead of becoming a setting for protest, UC Davis then became another figure to be protested in the arena of civil rights. As rowdy as a bunch of college students can be, being lumped in with such civil rights symbols as Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and China had to be worse.

And now UC Davis is in the news again. Why? Because The Sacramento Bee recently reported on documents which show the college spending at least $175,000 in damage control by trying to bury news of the incident within internet search engines. General searches of UC Davis would no longer show images of a campus officer pepper-spraying a student. At least, it didn’t for a while. With this recent exposé, UC Davis once again finds itself on the front page of the internet with bad press. The college literally paid over $175,000 to get worse press.


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