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Asinine Election Analysis 2016: Hillary Clinton


Our asinine political analysis breaks down Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


Name: Hillary Clinton

Nickname: That’s Sexist

Political Affiliation: Democratic Party

Status: Female. And Active

Known For: U.S. Senator 2001 – 2009, Secretary of State 2009 – 2013, Not being the one caught giving President Bill Clinton a BJ

Likes: Equality, Gun Control, Emailing Friends, Affordable Health Care Act

Dislikes: US Sovereignty, BJs, Bill Clinton

Public Outlook: Hillary Clinton has been viewed as having a life ingrained in the political machine. Unfortunately, Kevin Spacey’s role in the television remake of House of Cards has made Americans wary of such an organized sort of life.

Pros: Could continue the plans President Barack Obama has begun in regards to health care, energy policies, and foreign policy. This could be considered a con if you aren’t into those sort of things.

Cons: Continuation of the general grind of political deals on Capitol Hill that we’re all come to loathe, Interns will endure a more scrutinizing vetting process than Syrian refugees.

Quote: “I’m too old to be a yuppie.”

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