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Evidence Reveals Ripper Prostitute Victim May Have Had Male DNA on her Clothing

A few of the many men whose DNA was probably on Catherine Eddowes' shawl.

A few of the many men whose DNA was probably on Catherine Eddowes’ shawl.

After 126 years, the mystery of the enigmatic Jack the Ripper may be solved as DNA evidence has been found that could be the serial killer’s. Or it could just be male DNA on the clothing of a prostitute.

The findings came from molecular biologist Dr. Jari Louhelainen, who allegedly removed DNA from a stained shawl purportedly belonging to one of the victims, Catherine Eddowes. Russell Edwards had bought the article of clothing at an auction in 2007 brought it to Louhelainen in order to find clues that may be connected with the Ripper case.

The scientist used infrared imaging, which revealed that the stains on the shawl could be blood stains and, “if all of my years watching the tv show Dexter had any use,” had the characteristics of an arterial blood splatter caused by slashing. It is believed that the same splatter could possibly come from more vulgar, prostitution-enabled terms as well. Using the deteriorated, 126 year old DNA, Louhelainen believes that Jack the Ripper was Aaron Kosminski, a Jewish Polish-born immigrant who lived in the East End and had been linked to the Ripper cases as a potential suspect.

“I’m excited and proud of what we’ve achieved,” Louhelainen stated, “and satisfied that we have established, as far as we possibly can, that Aaron Kosminski is the culprit.”

Others aren’t so sure, ranging from molecular biologists to fans of the television series CSI.

“We’re talking about finding DNA on a British prostitute from 126 years ago,” stated forensics fan Martin Blank. “Police have a hard time dealing with DNA evidence in a motel room if it’s a month old. Even if the shawl isn’t considered contaminated by the boat-load of bodily fluids that it has probably come into contact with, who’s to say that Kosminski didn’t just happen to be a client of Catherine Eddowes? Being a male hair-dresser in those days didn’t carry the same stereotype as today.”

Aaron Kosminski could not be reached for comment.

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