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World Sues Quentin Tarantino to Keep Him from Acting in The Hateful Eight



Hollywood, CA: With the release of the pirated script of Quentin Tarantino’s future film, The Hateful Eight, the often irritating director has begun the process of suing Gawker Media for pushing the script throughout the internet. Tarantino has even threatened to abandon the project all-together, further showing just how self-absorbed he can be.

While Tarantino begins his hunt for the culprit responsible for the leak, movie fans are using the director’s time away from the screen to start a lawsuit of their own. A class-action suit is pending from the population of the entire world to keep Tarantino from acting in The Hateful Eight , or any other movie that Tarantino may direct or produce, even if it is just a cameo.

“It’s time for us to put our foot down on directors that think they’re so awesome that they need to act in every movie that they are a part of,” explained film fanatic Dougie Parkson. “If you’re putting out an independent movie on a limited budget, fine, but Tarantino writes himself in to stroke his ego. Fine, he won an Oscar for directing, but he’s not getting shit for acting, ever.”

Tarantino is not the first director to act in his own movies, but he may become the first of many to be named in class-action suits that would protect the public from self-absorbed directors. This suit may open the door for other directors, such as Woody Allen and Kevin Smith.

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