Los Angeles, CA: The American public became just a bit more jaded by politics yesterday, as the most coordinated write-in vote in the history of US elections was left ignored. With voters’ ballots devoid of any propositions in the national section, voters pledged their support to an amendment of severe national security.

The proposition? That the stunning television crime drama series Breaking Bad be extended for an indefinite number of seasons.

The fight began at the end of September, when the final episode of Breaking Bad was released on AMC to both tears and cheers by fans of the originally neglected series. Literally minutes after the final credits rolled, fans took to the streets and the internet to voice their anger at the end of their latest favorite show and began both online and written petitions to the AMC Network, producer Vince Gilligan, Heisenberg himself, Byran Cranston, as well as any media outlet that would pass on the word that fan were unhappy.

“Whenever something I like is taken away, the human condition is to scream and cry and bang your fists on the floor until it is returned to you,” explained psychiatrist Dr. Melinda DeClara. “It’s an involuntary reaction as old as society. The ending of Breaking Bad made this reaction a global occurrence of a size that has not been seen since neanderthals learned that the sun always comes back.”

While AMC and SONY attempted to appease fans by green-lighting the spin-off prequel Better Call Saul, it was not enough to quell the rage of fans.

On Election Day 2013, fans finally found their voice as hundreds of thousands of Breaking Bad fans wrote in the proposition to bring the television series back, no matter what horrible plot-hole must be created to do so.

“I’ve always been told that voting allows us to be heard, so I got the idea that I should write what I think could improve this nation of ours right on the ballot,” explained local television viewer Max Tolliver. “What could improve America more than being able to keep watching Breaking Bad? It’s really a no-brainer.”

AMC Network/Breaking Bad

Although the alleged tallied votes to bring back Breaking Bad was at 789,905-0 for at the close of voting, there has been no word if America’s voice was truly heard. Breaking Bad is still, unfortunately, off the air.

By Patrick AE

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