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Russell Brand to Kickstart Apathetic Revolution


BBC News/Newsnight

London, UK: In an interview with BBC News broadcaster Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight, erratic comedian-turned erratic political theorist Russell Brand symbolically fired the latest shot of a revolution. An apathetic, philosophical revolution, but a revolution nonetheless.

In the interview, Russell Brand explained that he does not vote because there is no point due to the political hierarchy in place. Instead, he calls for worldwide whining and complaining about the state of affairs for as long as the state of affairs are as they are. This tactic is known as apathetic revolution. It does not change anything that is in question, but it makes sure those that have the power to change policies can hear it.

“Apathetic politics have been around for quite a while, and has been growing since the late 1980s,” explained political analyst Martin Schrader. “It’s a movement of non-movement. Just clusters of people getting together on different issues to complain. The only connection between them is that they are complaining to the same vague power: the government. The American government? The British government? The government of San Seronado? It doesn’t matter. They’re complaining, and hope someone that may actually feel like doing something hears it.”

The last time apathetic politics was in the public eye was during the Occupy Movement, where hundreds of thousands of people across the world gathered at certain locations to complain. Some complained about the economy. Some complained about war crimes in the military. Some complained about all of the people in the Occupy Movement complaining. It was a worldwide whining that got nothing done, and Russell Brand wants to continue that tradition.

“I’m not voting out of apathy,” explained Brand. “I’m not voting out of absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies, treachery, [and]deceit of the political class that’s been going on for generations now, and which has now reached fever pitch where you have a disenfranchised, disillusioned, despondent under-class that are not being represented by that political system so voting is tacit complicity of that system…”

It is unknown if Russell Brand’s latest diatribe has come from FX not renewing his late night talk show, Brand X, which was due to the majority of the population not voting for his show by watching it. What is known, however, is that Russell Brand wore a great representation of the clothing style during the American Revolution, sans hat.


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