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Rush Limbaugh to be Replaced by Rusho Limbaguez on Radio


Palm Beach, FL: Rush Limbaugh’s resistance to immigration reform may have been strengthened this past weekend, as it was learned that Rush, as well as Sean Hannity, would not have their contracts renewed by their broadcasting company Cumulus Media.

While rumors have circulated that the politically “right” shock jocks may have crossed a line or two or a thousand that their distributor didn’t agree with, the main hypothesis is that Cumulus’ negotiations with the conservative hosts’ representation, Clear Channel, for a cost reduction in distribution rights failed.

Fortunately, the money issue is not a problem for potential fill-ins, Rusho Limbaguez and Suan Hanniago, two Hispanic Americans who are political talk show hows in their own right. What their political leanings are is unknown, but political analysts say that really doesn’t matter.


“When dealing with shock jocks, ratings are the most important thing,” stated freelance publicist Arnold Witterling. “What’s could possibly make rating explode like the Hispanic doppelgangers of Limbaugh and Hannity? I bet even those two hosts tune in if it happens!”

It is believed that Limbaguez and Hanniago would retain around 95% of their current listeners as they try to figure out why their talk shows are in Spanish while adding another 90% for the growing Hispanic audience, and add another 10% for listeners tuning in for the humor of the whole situation.

Fortunately for Limbaugh and Hannity, the hosts will be able to move to another broadcaster or, at worst, follow suit with Alex Jones and join the internet podcasting network.

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