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Royal Family Set to Visit Royal Baby


London, UK: In the aftermath of the birth of Prince “He Who Has No Name” to Prince William and Duchess Kate, the rest of the British Royal Family have begun their plans to visit the next generation of the House of Windsor’s bloodline.


With the birth, the lineage is assumed to be shifted, making Prince Charles 1st in line for the throne, followed by Prince William, Prince “He Who Has No Name”, Prince Harry, and Honorary Prince Lupo the cocker spaniel.

Prince Harry, brother to Prince William who had been pushed down the line of heirs to the throne, will presumably visit the royal baby with his current lady, Cressida Bonas. It is unknown if the couple had discussed what could happen to Prince Harry’s place in the hierarchical structure of the monarchy before or after tabloids had alluded to their relationship being on the rocks.


Prince Charles also plans to visit the royal baby soon. As the heir-apparent to the throne in the event that Queen Elizabeth II ever passes away, Charles has only love for the child. It has been mentioned that great-grandchildren can be quite a handful for the elderly, and Prince Charles may have already begun pestering William to “keep the little buggers coming.”

Even Honorary Prince Lupo, the couple’s black cocker spaniel, seems to be making arrangements to meet the royal baby. The dog, which allegedly was smart enough to erect it’s own royal lineage tree within his doghouse (except for Prince Harry’s picture, which was found on the floor for some reason), has already begun to learn to fetch toys for the infant. Lupo was last seen retrieving a life-sized ragdoll by the head and shaking it for over a minute before returning it to his handler.

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