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Republicans Unleash George W. Bush on Democrats


Washington DC: It took 4 years for Republicans to figure out how to get out from under the cloud that former President George W. Bush put them under. Finally, they have plans to use Bush’s label of fool to their advantage.

obama_bush1For years, President Bush’s political, verbal, and visual gaffes have been a source of satire and humor for countless comedians, talk show hosts, and even internet memes. “Mission accomplished?” You’re damn right. “Is our children learning?” They sure are. “They misunderestimate me?” We sure do. The mockery went so far that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were able to launch a sitcom, That’s My Bush, on Comedy Central in 2001, and multiple books on Bushisms were published. this made George W. Bush the most notoriously lampooned political figure in history, edging out Bill Clinton by a cigar. It seemed that the Republican Party may never recover.

“Those were bad times,” stated conservative pundit John Hesslinger. “Whenever a debate was brought up that the parties disagreed on, a Democrat would just yell out, ‘George Bush!’ and it was all over. Democrats would start giggling, Republicans would start crying. I used to have nightmares about that vacant, smiling face.”

Those times instigated the Republican Party to impose a blackout on the former president, keeping him away from Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, his brother, during his push for the Republican presidential nomination, and

Now, Republicans are using George W. Bush’s notorious idiocy to their advantage by having the former president agree with the Democratic Party.

“It was so simple, even Bush could have thought of it,” explained Hesslinger. “What better may to get the public to disagree with your rival’s policies than to have George Bush agree with them? His stamp of approval is like a giant red flag that says, ‘THIS HAS TO BE WRONG!’ By default, that would make our policies right.”

This theory was put into action earlier today, as Bush plans to speak on behalf of immigration reform, a policy that is in theoretical agreement with President Obama’s plans.

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