kevin_wareIndianapolis, IN: This weekend, the Louisville Cardinals eked out a win against Duke to limp into the NCAA Final Four. While the win may be huge, there is one story that eclipses all other news: Kevin Ware, and his inability to finish off a game.

Louisville survived lack-luster play by sophomore guard Kevin Ware, who broke his leg trying to defend a 3-point shot with 6:33 left in the first half. Ware was unable to return to the game with the broken leg, cast or no, prompting criticism from minor sports analysts.

“It’s not like he broke his arm,” stated college basketball analyst Marcus Weiner. “A broken leg would screw up any player’s ability to hit shots. The same can be said if he broke his…eyes.”

“Legs are overrated. I’ve seen plenty of players make a difference in a game with no legs at all,” stated fill-in analyst Kyle Lowell, who normally works as a beat reporter for wheelchair basketball.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino explained the situation, saying, “The bone’s 6 inches out of his leg and all he’s yelling is, ‘Win the game, win the game.’ I’ve not seen that in my life.” Unconfirmed reports allege that Ware began his rant by stating, “Guys, I’m finally out.”

Luckily, Louisville will be without Ware for the rest of the tournament. “You can’t run a team with a cry-baby on the court that won’t play with a taped-up leg with a steel rod in it,” explained former community college coach Mike Goletta. “it’s just bad for team morale.

To add a nail in the coffin, the shot that Ware attempted to block went in, bringing Duke within 1.

By Patrick AE

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