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Kim Kardashian May Not Be Kim Kardashian


kkardsahian_clonesLos Angeles, CA: As the divorce proceedings between Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries and unreality TV star Kim Kardashian continue, evidence has come to light that could prove that the marriage between the two was based on fraud.

Allegations include testimony that the marriage proposal was re-shot to feature Kim Kardashian’s horrible acting skills, that certain scenes of the show were shot after the couple split, and that Kim Kardashian’s breasts are not real at all.

This can only lead to one allegation: Kim Kardashian is not really Kim Kardashian.

“Nothing is really known about Kimberly Noel Kardashian before she was in a home sex movie with some R&B singer no-one had ever heard of,” stated celebrity analyst Nancy Shrader. “After that, all of a sudden she’s releasing perfume and clothing lines and starring in reality television shows. It’s a very suspicious development.”

Kim Kardashian’s connection to Paris Hilton further surmises the possibility that Kim Kardashian is not Kim Kardashian. “After that show ‘The Simple Life’, it’s really hard to believe anything that has to do with Paris Hilton,” explained Schrader. “Her friends and acquaintances could very well be all actors and actresses. We haven’t been able verify these conclusions, for or against.”

The idea that Kim Kardashian is just a busty brunette, life-sized Barbie doll had also been considered, but found that dolls can’t talk, something that Kim Kardashian can’t stop doing.

The idea that Kim Kardashian is not really Kim Kardashian would help Kris Humphries’ divorce case, and also leads many to wonder if the woman claiming to be Kim Kardashian is dating Kanye West, if she is actually pregnant, and if a real mother would actually consider pimping out her teenaged daughters.


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