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Richard Sherman to Become Next Terrell Owens: Old Popcorn


Twitterverse, TWITTER: Few NFL athletes have inspired the amount of anger and disgust that Terrell Owens has. From players to coaches to fans, T.O. has succeeded in alienating just about everyone. Even the Buffalo Bills couldn’t stand him which, at the time, was akin to being cast away by the Kansas City Chiefs or Jacksonville Jaguars.



Richard Sherman, elite cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks, looks to take on that mantle after engaging in a Twitter debate with Darrelle Revis, elite cornerback of the New York Jets. The feud began when Sherman took to the streets of New Orleans during Super Bowl Week, asking random people whether he or Revis was the best corner in the league, and rewarding answers of “Richard Sherman” with beads.

Sherman, allegedly fueled by a ‘roid rage, proceeded to compare his Pro Bowl-crowned stats as a cornerback against Revis’ injury seasons. He proceeded to claim, “Sometimes the truth needs to be told.Tired of the noise lol. Btw I am near the least targeted corner in the League. So keep the excuses.”

Sherman failed to mention that, while he may be near the least targeted cornerback in the NFL, Revis is the least targeted corner in the NFL.

Darrelle Revis fired back, calling out Sherman’s honor and proceeding to mock Twitter trolls with such gems as:

“@sethdtd your shirts horrible!!!”

“@danemborg if you know football so well why don’t you play, oh I forgot you suck!!!”

“@sal3mander your eyebrows connect lol!!!”

While no one seems to be a winner in this feud, certain facts remain apparent:

1) Darrelle Revis will not have a long career in comedy.

2) Richard Sherman has broken records by becoming the most annoying player in only 2 years.

3) Twitter feuds are old popcorn.

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