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Fans Gear Up for New Season of Mid-East War


Jerusalem, ISRAEL: The blogosphere and fan wiki pages are on fire with the announcement of a new season of Mid-East War, the internationally acclaimed sitcom starring the incorrigible free spirit Palestine and the loveable old grump Israel.  The series has shown flagging popularity in recent years, with even loyal fans beginning to admit the justifications are becoming a bit stale and the plot stretching a bit thin.  Producers and weapons manufacturers are hoping this season will breathe new life into a stagnating franchise.

All the old favorites will be making an appearance this season.  Frumpy Ben Netanyahu is back with some fresh hyperboles and, paired with his mischievous Mossad twins, promises to be the source of some side-splitting antics.  To balance him out, the wacky pair Khaled Mashal and Mahmoud Abbas are back with a vengeance, causing all sorts of mischief, scrapping with one another and turning to the camera to offer their trademark phrase: “Don’t blame us!”

There’s been hints that a new character might be thrown into the mix.  An optimistic young peacenik named Mohamad Morsi, who says he just wants everyone to get along, but ends up stirring up even more trouble.  The potential for international catastrophe makes Morsi the character to watch this season.

“The stakes have never been higher!” insists the producer of the show and creator of the Iron Dome defense system. “We’re going all out with pyrotechnics, adding all the latest technology to churn out the full-on devastation that our fans expect.”

However, fans seem less enthusiastic about the new season.  Long-time fan and webpage master of the “We <3 Israel” webpage, America, has just re-posted old content hoping that everyone gets along.  America seems almost reluctant to get involved, which is uncharacteristic, as it has been an avid fan and even part-time writer of all the other Mid-East War spin-offs.

Even critics have been noncommittal about the new season.  The United Nations has begun considering a resolution to discuss the possibility of thinking of imposing maybe some light sanctions, but that’s been a pretty typical response to most any international conflict series.  After the announcement of the new season, spokesperson Ban Ki-Moon tweeted simply “:(“.  One wonders whether the UN is tired of considering resolutions.

The show’s creators, though, remain hopeful.  Misdirected Post-Holocaust Paranoia was quoted as saying, “The idea’s still a classic! They’re all out to get us, what more plot do you need?”

Unhappiness with the Situation Articulated As Violent Racism insisted that, “There’s endless potential here.  I mean, how else do you resolve a conflict rather than with more conflict? It makes sense to me.”

Either way, this season promises to be filled with all the quirks, all the wacky characters and, of course, all the pointless bloodshed.

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