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Dr. Steve Brule Sells More BBVs than Batman, Harry Potter, and Disney Combined


Everywhere, THE UNIVERSE— Hollywood was stunned this morning, as newspapers and websites posted this week’s new releases and sales of home entertainment with, not AVATAR in 3-D, nor Madagascar 3, nor even Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom at the top of sales and interest.

Instead, charts and ratings were filled with BBVs, RDTs, and Blue Hay as Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule: Season 1 & 2 hit shelves and our mental stability.

The culprit of the publication phenomenon seemed to have been a viral commercial by Dr. Steve Brule himself, causing viewers to become obsessed with finding out what he was actually talking about for over three minutes. Check it out…

The Dr. Steve Brule’s sales campaign was so poignant that publications began setting sales records and releases for BBVs, BTBs, RCVs, ATVs, and whatever else they may have heard on the commercial in order to be at the forefront of the next new thing, whatever that may be. Check It Out! with Dr Steve Brule topped all charts, of course.

When asked about the viral success of his sales campaign, Dr. Steve Brule asked if we had caught a cold, and that we should go away so he doesn’t get sick.


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