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While We Were Bored: Kid Rock’s “Made In Detroit” Line Not Made In Detroit


Kid Rock, iconic…oh…former musical…well, pop-culture…hrm.

Kid Rock, that white guy who used to yell “Bawitaba” incessantly while dirt-bikes did jumps over his head, once saved a hometown clothing line, “Made In Detroit”, from bankruptcy.

Irony, however, has a crude sense of humor, as it has been uncovered that the clothing from “Made in Detroit” is not actually made in Detroit, as reported by Detroit Free Press correspondent Susan Tompor. Sometimes the clothing is not even made in the United States. This makes the company’s tagline, “BUY ONLY GENUINE MADE IN DETROIT(R) PRODUCTS” that much more ridiculous.

So congratulation, Kid Rock. As the most iconic face of that company, we salute you.

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