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Ashton Kutcher Inspires Divorce to Boost Two and a Half Men Character


Los Angeles, CA: Many actors and actresses engulf themselves in their characters in order to bring a certain base of believability that the audience can start from in film or television. Adrien Brody practiced the piano 4 hours a day and sold all of his possessions for The Pianist. Al Pacino pulled over truck drivers to prepare himself for Serpico. Keanu Reeves became a burnt-out air guitar-playing pop culture teenager for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and never looked back.

Recently, Ashton Kutcher began his own method of character-acting in order to replace Charlie Sheen in the television series, Two and a Half Men. “At first, Ashton thought his character was going to be just like Charlie Harper,” explained publicist Gregory Hunt. “Actually, Ashton thought he was going to come out of make-up looking exactly like Charlie Sheen. So he allegedly started sleeping with hot chicks just to get into character.”

Surprisingly for Ashton, the role of Walden was going into a whole other direction from Charlie Harper, so Ashton followed suit.

“Once he saw how divorce played a part in his character on Two and a Half Men, Ashton couldn’t wait to tell Demi all about his tendencies to cheat,” explained Hunt. He really was that dedicated. Unfortunately, the writers of the show have been living episode by episode because they’re unsure how long the show will last. The storyline is getting so complicated that we don’t know if he or his character are staying married or not.”

This was evident when Ashton and Demi were seen leaving couples counseling together earlier this week, bearing resemblance to an inferred scene in Two and a Half Men.

“Hey, if this is true, I give Ashton all the credit in the world,” stated show creator Chuck Lorre. “It takes dedication to try and drag a sinking ship to shore with your bare hands, and Jon Cryer needs all the help he can get.”

It remains to be seen if Walden’s character and Ashton’s lifestyle will begin a downward spiral with drugs and alcohol, cementing himself as Charlie Sheen’s replacement. He already considers himself a “bitchin, rock-star warlock from Mars.”

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